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Urban Yogis UK - Yoga Transforming Lives


Urban Yogis UK is an international extension of a successful New York based yoga and mindfulness community program. Urban Yogis UK provides support to young people through self referral, existing charities, foundations, or youth programs in assisting with the wellbeing of young people using the tools of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga and mindfulness practices have the ability to help develop positive outlooks, viewpoints and life skills that can help people navigate their way through life.

Many scientifically backed research studies have been done that show the positive effects on physical and mental health through in undertaking theses techniques. Urban yogis UK will share these techniques with young people within the wider context of developing empathy and compassion towards self and others. We are committed to assisting young and vulnerable people in incorporating and using the techniques of yoga to benefit their lives.

See the original Urban Yogis NYC film which inspired us here